Music world lost on of the most influental figure in folk music – Peter Seeger (94). Of course now – everyone is going to say all the bad possible words but let’s not go there.

Seeger started his music career in 1935 when his father (musicolog) took him to music festival, Pete was charmed- left studies- and started ‘trampin’ over USA. He did finished Harvard where he met Woody Guthrie or Leadbelly. Hence influence again.

Even though early career and especially fast end of The Weavers gave Seeger hard time to play his music he did turned a bit of 180° and soon became figure who supported fight for legal rights and his songs became anthems of many actions or festivals.

His most popular songs, written and co-written, turned into classics translated into several languages. Czech singers took his songs and in times of communism transated them for ability to sing them. When he came to former Czechoslovakia he sanged with some of these artists (Spirituál Kvintet).

Pete SeegerSongs that must be mentioned are certainly “Where Have All The Flowers Gone?” , “If I Had a Hammer”, “Turn, Turn, Turn!” or “Little Boxes” and many more.

Seeger released over 50 albums and compelations, as memorable we can count ‘We Shall Overcome’, ‘God Bless the Grass‘, ‘Dangerous Songs’,Rainbow Race‘ or ‘At 89′.

Seeger won and was given several awards including Grammy for life achievement, National Medal of Arts, Kennedy Center Honnor or George Peabody Medal we revieved last year.

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