WEEK ONE: James – La Petite Mort (2.6); Clean Bandit – New Eyes (2.6); Incognito – Amplified Soul (2.6); 50 Cent – Animal Ambition (3.6); Hank Marvin – Hank (2.6), Tesla – Simplicity (6.6),

CLEAN BANDIT – NEW EYES is a debut album by British electronic group from Edinburgh which got noticed by wider audience with their single ‘Mozart House’ (featured on this album). Band could be perhaps described as mixture of electronic music with classical.

INCOGNITO – AMPLIFIED SOUL is a new album by band, that could be easily described as one of main in it’s genre – acid jazz. Incognito could never be described as one genre band but more of fusion between jazz, electro, funky, soul and pop.

JAMES – LA PETITE MORT is upcoming 14th album by this alternative rock band from Manchester and could be introduced as an tribute album to Tim Booth’s late mother and friend. Album features single Frozen Britain to which you can listen below.

WEEK TWO: Kasabian – 43:13 (9.6); First Aid Kit – Stay Gold (9.6); Rival Sons – Great Western Valkyrie (9.6);  Walter Trout – The Blues Came Callin’ (9.6); Jack White – Lazaretto (9.6), Passenger – Whispers (9.9)

KASABIAN : 48:13 is fifth album by this English rock band that is going to be produced by guitarist Sergio Pizzorno. Kasabian gladly combined rock music with electronic to create their unique sound often ‘labeled’ as space rock, though with years on, Kasabian are tending more and more to electronic.

FIRST AID KIT – STAY GOLD is third studio album by Swedish indie folk duo. This band is yet another discovered on YouTube and they took this opportunity. On the upcoming album, the topic is going to center around their lives.

JACK WHITE – LAZARETTO is second solo album by this artist who we can hardly call newly born. Jack White, who you probably know from his time in The White Stripes wasted no time this year, producing new Neil Young’s album, and writing new material. First solo album released two years ago, offered different sound then rock’n’roll ish we knew focusing more on country and folk as well as his love to women. This year, according to White’s own words, Lazaretto will again be mixture of different genres.

WEEK THREE: Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence (13.6); Linkin Park – The Hunting Party (16.6) ; Deadmau5 – While(1<2) (16.6)

LANA DEL REY – ULTRAVIOLENCE sounded very promising from the moment Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys) was announced as producer of Rey’s third album. Just how will her moody indie music be influenced by this blues magician ? For that we’ll have to wait till the release date.

DEADMAU5 – WHILE (1<2) is seventh studio album from Canadian house music producer. Disc will feature remixes of each track, which explains the title one is less then two.

WEEK FOUR: Ed Sheeran – X (23.6); Mastodon – Once More ‘Round the Sun (24.6); Bellowhead – Revival (23.6); A Sunny Day in Glasgow – Sea When Absent (24.6)

BELLOWHEAD – REVIVAL is release for band’s 10th anniversary. This again, English folk band released tribute to their favorite folk tunes from last centuries.

ED SHEERAN – X is second album from English song writer. These often crucial albums of artists career’s will show if they are in real for this business. Sheeran so far released two singles from new album, he did not put away guitar that shaped his career but neither he stayed exactly the same adding more juice if you like. Safe bet these days is called Pharell Williams.

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