Fresh Frequencies is a category in which I would love to share some musicians that have intrigued my attention but with the amount of new artists every week, may have escaped yours. 

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Jim Kroft is a Berlin based musician whose voice may at times remind you of young John Lennon or perhaps his son Sean. That color is simply there. Before moving to German capitol, Kroft performed in London with his band ‘Myriad Creatures’

Creatures released their debut album ‘The Right Way To Do Wrong’  in July 2009 with help of Gordon Raphael (The Strokes). At the time, album was highly anticipated and won it’s sympathy with numerous German radios and audience.

Nevertheless, in the 2010, singer Jim Kroft, left the band and released his first solo album ‘Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea’ . Singles from the album made it’s way to the Top 100 where it stayed for many weeks.

Kroft enjoyed his first Berlin year in concerts, videos and topping radio charts. Quite deserved too. In 2011 he has released second studio album ‘The Hermit & The Hedonist’  after release of this album, Kroft went to the tour with Anna Calvi.
It was not before 2012, when Jim signed his first contract with EMI and in 2013 he released new album ‘Lunatic Lullabies’ but he also lost contract with EMI. What is amazing on Kroft is not only his talent and work on a very fine music mixed between indie, pop and rock but also his ability to work as a musician without a contract because, that is indeed, very difficult. Oh and, currently touring in China.

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