Today is day when we finally officially hear long awaited releases by what we can safely say are the legends in music industry. But there are more to come and more that have already arrived. We can easily say that this Autumn is all about past coming to us with fresh tunes.

But let’s begin with today. Release companies around the world come to an agreement that Fridays shall become new official music days and so it is this Friday when two music legends come back to us. Both of these release their solo albums in quite a time.

KeithSquareI will start with The Rolling stones guitarist Keith Richards and his “Crossed Heart” which came to surface after more than twenty years. Those of you who read Keiths book “Life” know how strongly he is influenced by blues music and that is what we can hear in his newly released album where you can clearly hear his years with the Stones and that early rock’n’roll mix with early views on blues which Richards both respects and loves.

Especially third track “Amnesia” reminds you of the Stones times. Follow up “Robbed blind” comes right onto later blues and reminds you of country ish Tom Waits. Single we heard before the release itself “Trouble” was a great one to start with because it tells you exactly what to expect. Richards skips between blues, rock, folk and country in fine union and even though this album is a fresh release it takes to at least three decades back in it’s sound. Although it has a little ska/reggae vibe track.

Rattle_that_lock_200x200Another veteran releasing his album today is Pink Floyds David Gilmour with his album “Rattle That Lock”. Although Roger Waters is not staying far behind. It was this summer when he re-edition of “Amused to Death” was released with special Blu-ray quality content and this month you can visit your cinemas to experience “The Wall” live.

But back to the Gilmours fresh release. From the tune one and first track “5 A.M” you are same as with Richards thrown back in time to the time of the Pink Floyd or little earlier to the time of Pink Floyd’s last album made out of  Division Bell leftovers. That guitar is unmissable and will never change, and frankly none of us probably wants to. But that’s just beginning of album which tells you precisely who are you listening to.

Track with the same name as the album “Rattle that Lock” is a top notch Gilmour track and album starts very excitingly and on top of quality from the very beginning. And I myself and very excited about the whole album it takes you on conceptual journey you can adapt yourself. It simply has everything I hoped for. Even the artwork takes you back, since it was created by amazing Aubrey Powell. Gilmour lives to expectations after exceptional live album from polish Gdansk (recommend!) which was released in 2008. Last studio album “On an Island” was released in 2006.

But because this article is about past coming to see us now. We must mentioned couple more artists who surprised us with their releases. Since we spoke of the 60’s we can now move a little further. A/ha and Duran Duran were two very successful bands in their own time and both of these bands released fresh albums earlier this month.

A-ha_Cast_in_SteelA-HA is a band from Norway which came back with their new release “Cast in Steel” in a fancy style using their original 80’s logo but also their producer Alan Tarney who worked with the band back in year 1988. A-ha had their reunions back in 2007 and even had their final goodbye so this reunion point two came by a surprise but was appreciated by their fans since “Cast in Steel” started eight in UK top chart. It is safe to say that A-ha were always a pop band and as such it adapted to the modern view of the genre but not in a big commercial (annoying) producing machine way, more like in smooth way where you can still hear bits of their early works.

Duran_duran_paper_gods_album_artworkIt’s not that ar away in past with New wave band Duran Duran who released their last solo album four years ago. This year they teamed up with producer Mark Ronson again who was a big name this summer with his own soul and funk oriented album and hit single “Uptown funk”. His work with Duran Duran on album “Paper Gods” goes different direction and while in some moments you can clearly hear the sound of 80’s the whole album itself feels very modern and if one does not know the band it can definitely feel like a fresh artist coming to surface.

And more is yet to come in upcoming months. You can look forward for more of the new wave with the New Order album “Music Complete” coming out 25.9.2015 but also new releases from Janet Jackson or The Corrs.

In little far future but still future we can expect albums from Black Sabbath, Fleetwood Mac, Meat Loaf, W.A.S.P or
Van Morrison. Fresh past indeed.

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E L K Y is a passions for books, a passion for art and passion for all the wonders one can find. This little world is my form of escapism but also a joy and I welcome you to it.

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