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Today I have stumbled upon a CD on sale and it’s fancy and cheerful cover got my attention. I bought it and gave it a listen later on. And what a lovely discovery this turned out to be.

Before this chance, I have never heard about B. Fleischmann, mainly because he is from scene of music, I am yet to truly discover. Another reason being his Austrian roots, as much as I would love, it usually takes luck to discover some interesting music from all over world.


The album I have got is called “Angst Is Not a Weltanschauung” or by definition – Fear is not a philosophy of life, originally released in 2008. It is a pleasant mix based mainly on electronic genre but it has nice indie voice, in some songs accompanied by lovely voice of sweet Austrian singer Marilies Jagsch.

The CD has very light topic, given it’s very deep title, but that does not mean it can not deliver to it cause. Fleischmann reminds you through both his lyrics and music to “open your mind” as he sings in lovely paced “Still See You Smile”.

Most  of the album stays in very calm and continuing way, some intrumental with hint of Austrian culture, some ballads based almost romantic tracks in a electronic way.

The track that is most experimental on this album is called “Phones, Machines and King Kong”. This track is a sampled version of “King Kong”, song by American songwriter Daniel Dale Johnston, released 1986.

From this point album takes from it’s slow pace to the experimental side and as if assuring you to abandon fear and stand up faster and more demanding beats and come to what sound like a futuristic place.


Overall, it is perhaps short but very lovely album with many twists and turns, which may be a big jump for some listeners.


B. Fleischmann is an Austrian musician who up to date released nine albums (although number of released albums is somewhat online mystery. The genre to which we can place Bernhard Fleischmann is electronic music in which he loves to experiment. Beats and piano are his attributes.

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