Better late then never comes my recommendation list of quite intriguing new albums you should really give listen to. And I am going to start very fresh with new and renew Iggy Pop.


Post_Pop_Depression_(Front_Cover)IGGY POP – POST POP DEPRESSION                       |70%|
American singer Iggy Pop has been steady icon in music field for many  decades, making you feel an amazing portion of sex and desire in his music. He was last in studio in 2012 when he delivered cover version albums, as people do, concentrating mostly on chansons. Now this year we are facing whole new material and when I say new, it certainly is the case.

Post Pop Depression welcomes aboard Josh Homme & Dean Fertita (Queens of the Stone Age) and Matt Helders (Arctic Monkeys) and you can certainly hear it. What you can also spot are bits of David Bowie in this new and very melodic album. Post Pop Depression starts very strong with equally strong Iggy Pop sound which throughout the album eases into fusion between all four artists and offers you a very fine alternative rock album for 2016 and quite a following of QOTSA’s Like Clockwork and AM by Arctic Monkeys. That being said, the album very often eases into mellow sound I am not quite used to with Iggy, and I quite miss the sex.

simoSIMO – LET LOVE SHOW THE WAY                                     |80%|
SIMO is quite a young American band which you could first hear back in 2010, when these guys formed. And they stepped on high right away. Even though, these says, blues rock is a very popular genre and there are plenty bands proving it, you always find those that stick out, as they say. SIMO is certainly one of these and the reason for this is they unique sound and the new album is an ultimate prove. Not only you can feel very rough blues inside the rock and some amazing riffs proving it, there is also melodic way or approach which defines 60’s music. By those standards SIMO put together album that take rock’n’roll and plays it modern blues rock way.

WolfmotherVictoriousAlbumWOLFMOTHER – VICTORIOUS                                                      |90%|
Australian blues rock band Wolfmother was formed in 2000 and right with first album I have fell completely in love with their follow up act on Led Zeppelin, yet completely their own. Wolfmother are through all their albums on edge between blues, rock and hard rock in a perfect fusion accompanied by very easily distinguishable and almost perfect voice of bands founder Andrew Stockdale and without any doubt in my writing, so far, Victorious is my favourite 2016 album. It simply has everything, it has great energetic music you will remember, it has very fine writing and vibe you just with to feel live. Also, you still feel the Led Zeppelin vibe, and I just love that.  So unlike other critics, I say, this band may be going steady with their albums, but they also deliver very high quality rock music.

nevermenNEVERMEN – NEVERMEN                                          |85%|
To ease you down a little bit, if love Glass Animals and Animal Collective I have new, fresh and amazing band that has been recommended to me by my great friend – Nevermen. Nevermen have that little touch of weirdness inside something, that could steadily work and a computer game soundtrack. Bits of it sounds like straight out of the Sims, the other bits takes you way back to 90’s. Which is of course, a very good thing. The whole album stays within very happy, yet psychedelic borders. Also, it is the pinch of weird that is rather lovely.  I should perhaps mention that this band is made of very peculiar, and let’s use word brilliant, members: Tunde Adebimpe (TV on the Radio), Adam Drucker aka Doseone (Deep Puddle Dynamics) and one and only Mike Patton (Faith No More). So, yes. Go buy it.

What else is there? If you have listened to latest Mike Oldfield’s album (Man on the Rocks) you may have notices a very fine male voice. That would be one English Luke Spiller who founded his own band going by name The Struts. Their album “Everybody Wants” has been releases back in 2014, but is being reissued now worldwide. Now, The Struts are about to take you way back to the 80’s and let me say this, if you like Slade, you will love The Struts.

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