My second and last day at Czech film festival “Febio Fest” was filled with equally amazing movies, just as the first one. This time I have chosen to see two films of which both showed just how strong and genuine kids can be, even though they fight their demons of many forms.


Director: Anwar Safa
Screenplay: Ana Sofía Clerici
Cast: Isela Vega, Martín Castro, Eduardo MacGregor, Daniel Giménez Cacho
Country: Mexico


To be a genius or a prodigy  sounds like something glorious, and Sherlock Holmes or Albert Einstein sure make it feel like it, but there is much more to it then meets an eye, especially when said genius is a kid. That comes with very stressful, surprising, exciting but also hard time. And that is what this beautifully crafted film shows you. The film speaks not only of feelings of young Jeremías, who recently found out is |officialy| a genius, but it is also a psychological and thorough journey through mind, world and emotions of one boy and his too early pursue of pointed brilliance.

Throughout the film and the screenplay by Ana Sofía Clerci you are presented with many obstacles found in so many places. Be it religion, politics, economics, but also emotions. Those are very hard topics to comprehend but director Anwar Safa shows them lightly and beautifully with compassion but also humour. He has help by great cast, but also some amazing colourful camera and music (some seriouslly fitting and beautiful combination of world famous songs and hits of traditional mexican music).

This film is also unique in showing you whole new place in Mexico, instead of always present Mexico City.  The big applause belongs to young Martín Castro, who may or may not end up as another member of Mexican national football team, for his brilliant work in this film.

I for one sure hope the next film of Mr. Safa will not take 8 years (for that is how long crew worked on getting the budget) and we’ll see new project very soon.



Director & Screenplay: Mamoru Hosoda
Cast: Aoi Mijazaki, Kódži Jakušo, Šóta Sometani, Haru Kuroki
Country: Japan
Type: Animated


In yet another animated film by Mamoru Hosoda you can strongly feel the handwriting of this brilliant Japanese director. This film is an assurance of that loved quality. This time we are transported, along with lonely 9-year old boy, into a world of the beasts, not far away from the world of the living. What I love most about this film are the strong characters that take you by heart and which you follow  on not only emotional but also spiritual journey of many lost souls who develop into strong individuals through each other, not ones without mistakes, which make it more real of course.

This film is not only beautiful by it’s humour, but also it’s strong message which not only  kids, but most importantly adults need to be reminded of – thus being – we all have darkness inside but we must fight it and we do not need to fight it alone. The film flows nicely but the 8-year old point made me little uneasy. Nevertheless, it is a film very much worth watching.


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