Why have I given this book five stars? Well, allow me to explain. This little lovely book has everything I want from a story. For the setting of it, it has just the right length, it’s very funny, it’s easy to read but it’s also philosophical and story hiding inside this perhaps little bizarre and crazy story is actually very deep life philosophy that is worth repeating.

Holy Cow is, you guessed it, story about a cow named Elsie who finds out the awful thing mankind does to animals, especially farm animals, as anyone would be, she is frightened and rightfully looking for way out. Now, cows are not the only endangered species, so naturally she is joined by turkey (it is America based story) and pig.

Together they find themselves, their new abilities but also their new future. Anyway. I think it is safe to say, that David Duchovny has the ability to become the perfect cow, if you don’t mind me saying that.

Do not let annotations by book-stores and pages deceit you. This is a very clever, funny even a hip story and you should read this. Oh I should mention, cows see this world differently and therefore they care very little of the idiocy and ignorants situation we have created. Just warning. Just, so you know. Whispers: “Religion”.



This ^ is David Duchovny, by the way owner of a master digree from literature. And that is something you can clearly feel in his book, not the endless hour in styding, although that too, but the respect and love for it.

You will probably know this artist as an actor, for that is his most known profession, you know, from such roles as in The X-Files, Californication, Playing God or Red Shoe Diaries.

But Mr.Duchovny is also skilled in music, having released fairly impressive album Hell or Highwater. His skills are also being amazing cow-writer.

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