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4th September does not seem like such a significant date. Well. With thousands of years of human history, something was bound to happen, so yes. On 4th of September, we remember the greatly damaging fire of London in 1666, and as it often happens in human history, there were couple wars and rebellions, be it in the USA in the 18th century or Albania in 19th. But on the light side – the Tokyo DisneySea opened in 2001.

But surprisingly, throughout the years the 4th of September was quite a significant date for one of the most famous and influential bands in history, The Beatles.

abbeyThe first encounter with this band comes with this date comes in 1962, with no less important album than the “Abbey Road”. Although the band previously recorded bits of this album in June, the record producer and arranger Sir George Henry Martin send the band back to the studio in 4th September 1962, to have another shot on the recording. And it was this day they when The Beatles recorded “How Do You Do It”, single you can find in an anthology.

U.S.A, 1965 
helpThe second happy 4th September happened three years later. In 1965 the bands single “Help!”, recorded for the album and film of the same name in the same year just started it’s the third week in US Chart on no.1. The single spent three long weeks as No. 1, The Beatles improved their record later that same year with song “Day Tripper / We Can Work It Out”, which spent five weeks at number 1 in 1965.


Next is 1968, this time, we move to the videos. It was this year and this day when The Beatles recorded promotional videos for their hit singles “Hey Jude” and “Revolution”. Out of the two, “Hey Jude” comes with quite a recording. The place is London, Twickenham Film Studios and it’s accompanied by an interesting fact.

British Musicians Union often banned lip-syncing in live videos and tv shows and thus banned a number of videos. Including The Beatles. Their live recording of the song for promotion of hit “Hello, Goodbye” was banned by BBC in 1967. Why? Well because Paul McCartney was lip-syncing.

To avoid this, while recording “Hey Jude”, all the vocals were recorded live and then placed over the pre-recorded song. The special was also the number of people involved. The video for “Hey Jude” was recorded with an orchestra of 36 members but also 309 fans.

The Beatles encountered this day for the last time long after the band ended their career and it’s two members sadly passed away.


In this very auction house, on this very day, the contract from 1962 was auctioned for £250,000. The contract is 10 pages long and includes numerous signatures.

contract bbc com
image from 

Besides all the band members – John Winston Lennon, James Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Richard Starkey (as we know him Ringo Starr), there are also signatures of Harrisons and McCartney’s parents, both were under 21 at the time.

Who must not miss is the producer and man responsible for us having this band and their records, Brian Epstein.

There were, of course, plenty amazing and important dates in the career of the Beatles. But I think it’s safe to say that the 4th September is quite significant as dates go.

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