0008594873_10I say news, but the first one I have is actually from way back in November 2016. I just found this amazing duo from Iceland and I really want to share this music with you.
AMBÁTT is a project made out of  Pan Thorarensen and Thorkell Atlason, this collaboration just released their first album (released on LP) called “Flugufen”. It’s rather brilliant melancholic and in a way spheric music.


Great Britain being a machinery on music, it always offers tons of new stuff. And they started big this year.


Fridays being now officially “release days for mainstream music” met with
ED SHEERAN returning after a year with two new singles. What I love about Ed Sheeran and his music, apart from very catchy tunes, is the storytelling he is putting into his songs. This way songs become more real, more personal and genuine. And despite not thinking about it, it’s what people love. The two singles are : “Castle On The Hill” and “Shape Of You”.

1630978_auctionlistings_640x360_c1If we look back one year, I’d say the world was very much in a rough shock over the sudden passing of DAVID BOWIE. His family and producers decided to remember him in a way, that I think David Bowie would approve of, they presented us with new EP – No Plan. The heavily jazzy tunes of this music keep on carrying the burden of his absence in a way only Bowie could bring. I am sure there is plenty “drawer” material. But this feels like following the journey in a different dimension. Will there ever be a moment this brilliant man will stop inspiring us all?

icn-m7b6This article seriously has no respect to the time line, so naturally, we go back to the very early days of the week and another band coming back – this time GORILLAZ. The band unexpectedly hit us with a new single being labeled simply “私 Noodle❗️”. The single goes back into the deep dark ages of electronic music and mostly as a tribute to the brilliant Delia Derbyshire, a name which will be familiar to the Doctor Who fans, this is indeed the lady that has given us the famous Original Doctor Who Theme. No idea when the actual album drops, or is this it? Will it be this experimental? And belive me, it is experimental and pays tribute to many people that inspired the band over the years. You can check the list of the artists on their Soundcloud.

elbow_lf_album_3000x3000_rgb-1483637600-compressedLast moment I picked from Great Britain belongs to one of my favorites, ELBOW, the band just released the second single “All Disco”. The album will be released February 3rd. As always it’s a bit of haunting electronic with beautiful clip. Elbow don’t change much through their albums but they always come with something fresh and surprising, which is why I love them so much.


• Max Richter: The new TV Show Taboo, produced by Ridley Scott with Tom Hardy as the lead actor was scored by the amazing german composer Max Richter.

• American band Halestorm just released a new album. This time though it’s an album of cover versions. So if you like rock music and the new take on Metallica, Joan Jett or Twenty One Pilots, check it out

• Brian Eno comes with his view on the real ambient music, as the king of the genre, with new release “Reflection”. It’s a 1 track and 54 minutes long ambient study.

• Buzzcocks are about to get new releases on found demos and EP’s, namely Times Up and Spiral Scratch, believe it or not, but the records turn 40 on January 27th


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