mi0004045633I think that is an appropriate way to start an article about British singer and songwriter Barns Courtney. Every self-made musician, working hard to bring their personality into music, to give it that intimate and honest angle people want, comes through a rough path. Barns Courtney is no exception.

At first, people could see this musician in a band called SleeperCell an indie band, later he was a frontman of band
Dive Bella Dive, here comes first success with performing at the Download Festival. Later though he was dropped from a record company after listening to his material. It was a good band, but it didn’t offer anything new.

Luckily, Barns stayed determined. The result is a very good pack of EP’s and singles Barns released digitally in through 2015 ad 2016. The solo career really seems to suit this musician. The music Barns Courtney is creating is on the edge of rock, blues, and indie. It’s a melodic mix of all names genres. The first single “Glitter & Gold” was bound to become a hit, it’s a rhythmical glittering gold supported by vocal play and meaningful lyrics.

Next single “Fire” went out of the roof, partly thanks to it’s featuring in the movie “Burnt”. But marketing is an important thing and this song deserves to be marketed. This opened door to the talk shows (namely Conan) and video games giving Barns some hype.

Thanks to that came short EP in 2016 called “Hands”. This EP features new material going in the same successful direction Barns found on his solo career and even gives you a very pleasant cover of Jefferson Airplane’s classic “Somebody To Love”.

So if you were looking for clever new music that gives you a bit of rock and hyped blues, go for Barns Courtney.

PS: He opened a show for The Who. Legend approved new artists it would seem, hm?. 

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