So far this third January and 2017 week is the most joyous in new releases. Although this week is not filled with any big names, it sure offers perhaps even bigger music.



Sweden | Post-Rock | Buy | Follow
We’ll start with post-rock and a favorite of mine Lights &  Motion, Swedish artist that just released his 4th studio album called
“Dear Avalanche” and yet again, multi-instrumentalist Christoffer Franzén delivers amazing haunting melodies that will take you on a precious journey through your mind and endless imagination to which Dear Avalanche can easily become soundtrack. But more importantly, it dares you to go.  Despite the fact that post-rock may sound similar, every band has something new if you are willing to put your time and heart to it, just like the artists do. You will find that Lights  &  Motion is a truly remarkable musician. I absolutely recommend listening to this album. So far you can get a digital copy, but hopefully, there will be LP and CD soon.


Denmark | Blues-Rock | Buy | Follow
Moving onto the blues music. It has really been long since I’ve heard something so exciting. I think last time I was excited about pure blues music was with either Gary Clark Jr. Or finding
JJ Grey. Thorbjørn Risager, a blues musician from Denmark is with certainty, my new love. His voice carries beautiful melodies and may remind you of Bill Withers in slow parts but grows stronger and stronger the rougher blues gets. It’s a very energetic electric blues music that has all that good blues requires. It can both pump you up and affect the core of your emotions, it has meaningful lyrics and melodic but sometimes very raw guitar parts. Thorbjørn Risager And The Black Tornados offer an amazing album you need to check out!

71ezd3zowl-_sl1500_DOT HACKER – N°3
USA | Experimental | Buy | Follow
Moving onto something new would be coming to the American band Dot Hacker. This experimental band just released their third studio album “N°3”. The sound of this band edges between alternative and experimental rock music and may remind you of that alternative sounds so typical on the edge of 80’ and 90’s with all them Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Radiohead and such sounds. This band experiments not only with instrumental sounds but also with the vocals, which are provided by Josh Klinghoffer, who you may know from mentioned Red Hot Chilli Peppers as the guitarist (he replaced John Frusciante in 2009).
If you don’t know this act than I highly recommend it, but do not expect Peppers sound, because that is not what you will find, you can only feel the influence. The sound of this band is one hard to describe but one that can easily be labeled as experimental. It’s an interesting album but for times when you have time to pay attention to in, this deserves not to be easy listening.

chris-mcclenney-portrait-in-two-5884a89fa0021-500x500CHRIS MCCLENNEY – PORTRAIT IN TWO
USA | R’n’B | Buy | Follow
Rhythm and Blues I think is a very tricky genre, mainly because in this it’s so easy to slip into different genres. That’s why I keep saying that there wasn’t good, proper R’n’B in ages. American musician Chris McClenney comes to the closest I’ve heard so far. His newly released debut album Portrait In Two is an interesting new record in which you can hear the clear influence in R’n’B and jazz music. It’s playful album where McClenney plays with the genre but still stays in that smooth rhythmical sound with a nice tempo. Worths a listen. The album is bound together by spoken word opening a little crack into a mind of a person that desires to do music above all. Which is a very nice feature.

heatovernightartHEAT – OVERNIGHT
Canada | Indie-Rock | Buy | Follow
That leaves us with indie. Now, there are plenty records in indie genre every week, it is rather common these days. I would like to mention a newcomer. Canadian band Heat just released their first full studio album “Overnight”. It’s a very nice and melodic indie rock with catchy lyrics and interesting vocals. The whole album is very energetic and I loved it on the first go, you should give it a chance. Seriously, it’s so joyous in a very fancy and sexy way. It sounds weird, but that’s the feeling I get, what’s yours?

1484916388_frontDAVID ARNOLD
UK | Score | Buy | Follow 
As we started with an instrumental genre, I think it’s just as fitting to finish off with such. If you follow this little blog you must know by now, that I am a huge admirer of score music, the modernists of classical and mixed genres which so easily charm you even without the movies and tv shows or documentaries, which they enhance to an unbelievable point. This week I would like to mention three soundtracks which are really one. David Arnold and
Michael Price famously scored all seasons of brilliant BBC Sherlock. And this latest, shocking, twisting, surprising and ever so daring season 4 is no difference. You can get soundtracks for each episode, depicting the feelings and changes in the season’s atmosphere as it gets more and more intense in its personal and intimate approach. Something both composers do so very well.


Mike Oldfield – Return To Ommadawn | Vanguard – A Different Story (Electronic) |
Otis Gibbs – Mount Renraw (Country) | John Mayer – The Search For Everything EP 1 |
Show Ponies – How It all Goes Down (Indie Folk/Country) | Menace Beach – Lemon Memory (Indie Rock) | Tim Cohen – Luck Man (Indie Folk/Rock) |
Skinny Blue – Skinnyblue (blues rock) |
Katatonia – The Great Cold Distance (Re-edition)|
Loyle Carner – Yesterday’s Gone (Rap) | Mason Family – Ouija II (German Rap) |
Anti-Flag – Live Vol. 1

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