Sorry for these articles delays, still not quite well. So, now I am combining the 7 & 8 weeks albums, it all mostly came out on 10th anyway. It’s quite a mix of genres. There is some blues rock, some pop, a bit of folk and even instrumental Chinese oriented hip hop, album, which is very interesting indeed. Hope you enjoy them, let me know what were your favorites in last two weeks.


1. Seen Those Days
2. Wardance
3. Home Is A Heartache
4. Fire Keeps Burning
5. On These Roads I’ll Die
6. I Need That Oooh
7. The Murderer
8. Zero Fucks Given
9. Cactus
10. I Came A Long Way For You
11. Get Gone
12. Bad Habits Die Hard
13. Heathen Love
14. Inner Demons

BLUES/ROCK | Germany | 1. ALBUM |
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Released: 10.3.2017
For Fans of: Radio Moscow 

The Picturebooks are a german duo that I think is absolutely the fresh sound on the blues-rock scene. The form of the band may give The Black Keys impression, but the sound is absolutely their own. They mix a raw blues with the melodic one and come with amazing and strong debut “Home Is a Heartache”.  Especially from Germany you don’t always get this stand-out music, there, of course, are some brilliant bands, but this, this is a breeze of fresh air, especially within the blues genre. So go, listen to it and check the European tour dates, because there is nothing like a good blues rock live show!


LO-FI / ALT ROCK | USA | No Idea | 
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Released: 10.3.2017
For Fans Of: Ariel Pink

It’s very difficult to say, what number is this newest album by American singer and songwriter R. Stevie Moore. He did after all released over 400 cassettes and such. If you do not know this artist yet, you are missing out. Moore is a son of Bob Moore, the man who used to tour alongside such names as Elvis Presley or Roy Orbison. And you can hear the influence, but R. Stevie is most definitely a modern man. His music infuses and mashes genres in such a subtle and unique way. This new album is no exception. It’s a very easy listening with rhythms changes that takes you gracefully through the whole album. Sometimes you feel the melodic guitar of a ballad, then you are reminded of Stevie’s roots or the absolute joy of oldie sound incorporated into this modern way of songwriting.


1.The Final Chapter
2. Loyalty
3. Autumn Moon Shining Over the Calm Lake
4. Reminds Me Of…
5. Will I See You Again
6. Hold My Hand
7. The Storm
8. Fake Porcelain
9. Moonlit Street
10. Like the Seasons
11. Lin Shao Ding
12. Tea Vender On the Street
13. Behind the Curtain    
…. and 9 more tracks

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Released: 10.3.2017
For Fans Of: Ta-Ku

Moving onto one experimental rap category. The third part of an ongoing Chinese project from the french rapper and beatmaker known as Onra came out last Friday. The Chinoisaries pt. 3, is as you have guessed third part of this man’s very interesting hip hop project which is recorded for studios Chinese Music Record, as such it’s released in China, Thailand, and Vietnam, but deserves your attention anywhere in the world you are finding yourself. It’s a mix of an aspect of traditional Chinese beautiful music mixed together with hip hop beats, at it works perfectly. It’s a very easy listen for any part of the day. But also a very interesting concept that keeps fresh in its full 58 minutes.

1. Graffiti Dreams
2. Forever, Always
3. Folk-Hop Sound
4. All I Want Is You
5. Take It All Back
6. Reputation
7. Insane
8. Better Man
9. We Own The Night
10. Uh-Huh, Yeah!

… the album is released in deluxe edition as well 

Released: 10.3.2017
For Fans of: Mumford & Sons

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An interesting mash of bluegrass, rock, and folk comes from Nashville band Judah & The Lion who just released their second studio album. This music has a very fresh sound in the indie folk genre by mixing it with a very good portion of bluegrass style music and rock elements. The whole album is very active and stands on melodies and riffs that energize the whole genre. So if you love bluegrass but like hearing some experimenting in it with rock music, I am positive you will enjoy this album.


1. Eraser
2. Castle on the Hill
3. Dive
4. Shape of You
5. Perfect
6. Galway Girl
7. Happier
8. New Man
9. Hearts Don’t Break Around Here
10. What Do I Know?
11. How Would You Feel (Paean)
12. Supermarket Flowers

+ 4 (deluxe edition)

Released: 10.3.2017
For Fans Of: James Bay

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And now to the big mainstream name, which is what Ed Sheeran has become with three high sales effective albums and pop music, which is at last clever in the big numbers league. I liked this one-man guitar act from the first singles and one must mention, boy does this man musically evolve. Second record “X” was very diverse, but the sound of his third album “÷” is even more all over the place, but in a good way.  So far I’ve listened to the new album so many times and I still can’t say which is my favorite, it’s not only through interesting music Ed Sheeran speaks but also lyrics with storytelling, in which he could give classes. It’s so subtle, doesn’t force anything on you and yet it is very powerful. The power is even more enhanced in its combination with many music styles he’s trying out, and very successfully. The parts of this album I love the most are the Irish styled songs, makes me crave full Irish roots album from him. So, it is diverse, it is clever, it’s most definitely the most ballad based romantic style album he’s done, including the “+” in, but it definitely shows his growth in the business, remembrance of where he comes from and the year spent traveling, it’s all in there and it’s very good.


01 – Black Dog
02 – Parade Song #2
03 – Childhood Tragedy
04 – All the Promises I’ve Ever Made
05 – The Taste I Remember, She Became a Ghost
06 – Lake Ontario
07 – Void
08 – Sisters

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Released: 14. 3.2017
For Fans Of: The National 

To get a little moody and melancholic with upcoming spring is still very much possible, in music and otherwise. Dark folk is the genres this artist is doing by the charts. It’s a melancholic folk with very simple setting and reminder of the 90’s atmospere, which is just enough. Guitar, bits of beats of numerous origins and very haunting voice of singer  Kaarel Malken who is carefully accompanied by music of Jim Good, who provides with flute and drums. The music is then filled with equally haunting but in it’s own way positive lyricses that are worth giving it careul listen, as each can find their own stories in them. The whole CD is very attentive to each sound and each detail, making it even more enjoyable. For me a very good album, which you can listen to outside gloomy mood as well. The album itself was released digitaly last year, but now this band got CD and Ltd you can get on the link above, I will certainly get one.


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