This review contains no spoilers, but seriously, it is a remake. 

So. I have just returned from cinema seeing the live action remake of Disney classic
Beauty And The Beast (Guess what, it’s been 26 bloody years!).
Now, I’ve watched this piece so many times and although it was never my favorite
(It’s Anastasia) I was smiling like an imbecile the whole time watching the film.

Let me start by saying this. It’s not a perfect remake, there are many moments I wished were better, if not fuller. Having said that, I loved it! 

Beauty-Beast-Pictures-2017The cast for this film could not be more perfect. Somebody give Luke Evans a comedy role, for he was, despite being the villain, absolutely brilliant, funny and vicious. Emma Watson is terribly charming, as she always is. It’s my most gracious and loveliest of weaknesses, I will love anything she’ll do. Dan Stevens, amazing. Josh Gad was so funny, and mind you not that openly gay, but rather obviously really. Don’t even let me start on the voice acting, we all know the perfection of Emma Thompson, Sir Ian McKellen, and
Ewan McGregor. The cast, as I said, perfect. Kevin Kline playing Maurice makes my heart ache for such a loving father. Plus Audra McDonald and her voice! Casting 101.

The one issue I had with the film altogether was the continuity, as it is Disney and it’s a remake, it constantly bursts into big musical numbers, don’t get me wrong, I love those songs, but where they added on music, they took from the script itself. What this film does differently from its animated original is providing us with backstories, and they were interesting enough to keep you dive into the film, but they did not have enough space.

In the end, when the great finale comes, I wished for having more emotions and a deeper connection to the characters than I actually had. The very ending felt unfinished to me. And I was really sorry about that because the picture is just so lovely, dazzling and charming and I will be getting it on Blu-ray!

I had goose skin at the ballroom scene, though, it’s just so lovely.
Plus, nevermind the gay moment, there is a joyful trans moment! 


Conclusion, it will never be better as the animation. But it’s not meant to be better really, it’s meant to show it in a different picture, to give tribute to the story that so many kids (not only), over now three generations, love so profoundly. And it delivered. The cast is amazing, the music is beautiful and the cinematography is just pure perfection.
The one thing I feel sorry about it not enough space for script among all the music.

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