Blues | Released: 22.4.2017 | Italy

1 No Money Blues
2 See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
3 Emily
4 Voodoo Queen In Pink
5 Mary
6 Everything Is Alright
7 First September Rain
8 Unbound
9 Lullaby For Me
10 I Get Lost
11 This Girl Is Mad
12 Not Ready To Go

Most of the time, when I mention new blues records, they have some sort of diving into many genres, be it blues rock or mesh with folk, psychedelic or even post-rock, but not this time. Italian group Bayou Side comes with the album “Unbound”, and this, I tell you, is a pure joy. The lead singer and guitarist,  Hubert Dorigatti, gives a bit of Mark Lanegan vibes in music this trio provides combining raw emotions and storytelling with compelling blues music that feels like a bit of portal to the old times. It will draw you in, just as blues music should and tops you with emotions and your own understanding of the stories told. Some songs offer you a doorway to jazz and swing, thanks to the music of Klaus Telfser (double-bass) and Peter Paul Hofmann (drums) and I can only dream about how amazing this must feel in a club, live.

The playfulness and beauty of the vocal arrangements, that is pure gold of people loving and exploring the possibilities of music. And it’s what makes this record so special. 

Psychedelic Rock | Released: 13.04.2017 | Russia 

1 Sunflower Queen
2 Extra Lap
3 Tour Diary
4 Pocket Guru
5 Glass Walls
6 The Sleeper Awakes
7 The Fuzz of Destiny
8 Eight Years Anniversary Riff

This Russian band from Saint-Petersburg is an absolute psychedelic rock gold, so when I heard they were back with their 7th studio album (more of EP really),
“The Fuzz Of Destiny”, I was rather excited. For such a short album, a lot is happening, the whole album has only 29 minutes, but with all the paths The Grand Astoria are taking their music, combining everything from stoner rock to bit of psychedelic, blues and space rock, and combining it well, it’s a fun album. Danila Danilov offers great vocals with the point on lyrics, and the riffs from Kamille Sharapodinov gives in a mood of blues, bit of hard-rock and a lot of melodies. The music is nicely thought through, adding extra mood on bass and drums from Nikolay Kunavin.
An album I absolutely recommend!

Usually, this type of rock has one straight line idea, but The Grand Astoria present you with innovation and playfulness, which I think makes them special.


Folk-Rock | Released: 28.04.2017 | England 
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1 Salome
2 Four Birds
3 The Girl I Left Behind Me
4 The Lake
5 Lorelei
6 Moon and Tide
7 Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
8 My Return

An absolute beauty in atmospheric rock fusion with folk and a music vision of times long past. I must say, I have only just now found this six-piece English band, but I have fallen instantly in love. All their music is self-produced, which always ensures the extra touch of your own hard work, which is always heard, especially in music.  The band has so many elements that it stands on it perfect combination, be it really magical and mysterious voice of Maria O’Donnell, violin of Celine MarshallBill Lynn (bass), Mat Fowler (guitar, mandolin and vocals), David Ellis (mandolin, guitar) and Paul Dadswell on drums, percussions and vocals.

The whole album has an amazing atmosphere and it draws you right in with the first tunes. It’s melodic and something interesting and surprising in the rhythmic section is happening right behind the corner, peeking at your interest.

It’s all incredibly musically clever, and through that, you are guided by Maria O’Donnell, her voice and the stories band presents to you with their newest record. The rock element always present, in it’s glory.
An album, I recommend with all my heart. 

San2 & His Soul Patrol

Soul/R&B | Released: 28.04.2017 | Germany
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1 Hold on to Me
2 Just a Little Bit More
3 Julie
4 The Joker
5 Solid Man
6 So Beautiful
7 Love Train
8 Burnin’ Flame
9 To Be Somebody
10 My Song
11 Thank You It’s You
12 Anywhere the Wind Blows
13 I’d Go On
14 Back 2 Frisco
15 So Nice to Have Met You
16 Hey Baby

To give you something to dance to, but still keeping it very interesting. Well, on that front I need to mention new album from german singer and songwriter known as San2. This singer is joined by “His Soul Patrol”. Together they are delivering an on-point brilliant mash between soul, rhythm & blues, and jazz. The album as a whole feels very uplifting, even in its ballad moments, which are accompanied by almost orchestral feeling. Overall, I think this is the perfect spring album. It makes you dance, it makes you feel, but also fall in love with the careful combination of jazz and rhythm & blues, be it in the originals or pleasant covers. The lyrics hold messages calling for love and unity, a topic, that sadly needs to still be reminded of.

“Hold On” is a good-feeling album, that in its rhythms and welcoming vocals brings the mood up. Feels like truly first “spring” album of the year. 

Alt/Punk | Released: 28.04.2017 | France
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1 Better Than Nothing
2 You’re Kidding
3 Spoiled Brat
4 Play Doctor
5 Bound
6 Stockholm
7 Captain
8 My Love
9 Shoe Shine Boy
10 Hey Stranger
11 Bye Bye Cheri

You guys know by now, I am a sucker for girlbands, especially when they have the punk feeling, if not fully punk. With its melodies based on riffs and combining their voices in electrifying new band and record, this french band is what we all need.
The Buns, or among other aliases: Molly Jin & June Cooper are two Parisians who found each other in one company. The Buns are an example of energizing music you can make when you find the person to put yourself into this endeavor with. The album is, as I keep mentioning, heavily energizing relying not only on their voices and heavy riffs, but also the lyrics remind you of the women somewhat punk scene of the 90’s, which really fits these times, even more than before. Which makes me baffled, as to why there are not more bands like this. But perhaps, the time is coming.

The Buns, a duo of many riffs and voice arrangements will energize your body and mind with their clever debut. 

– As always, thank you for reading and if you like this, please share, like and such.
What new albums did you enjoy?
keep safe, Mary 

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