This is not really a review but more of a very personal look back at reading a brilliant little book called “The Outrun”.

„I‘m back under these decaying clouds and deep skies, living among the elements that made me“, writes Amy Liptrot in her autobiographical book “The Outrun”.

There were so many reasons for me to put this book aside, yet it is written so beautifully, with raw and unapologetic honesty that I simply could not handle, as painful as it was to admit my own failure. Reading this book wasn’t difficult because it was too personal or too honest, but because I felt a wave of jealousy and rage towards the author, one that is not rational, but one that is very strong.

For many years I have struggled with depression and alcoholism and for many years I’ve failed to find my safe space and place.

Like Amy Liptrot, I come from a very disconnected area where for miles you may not run into a living soul. The far north where I come from, you don’t even run into animals at times, it’s very Stark like, to be honest. The mountains I come from made me, like the Island and its history made Amy Liptrot, yet where she finds comfort I find memories that haunt me. Where she has home and family, I have none.

This is why I can say without a single ounce of doubt in my body that this book is brilliant. Admitting one’s failure is always tricky, it’s unpleasant and we simply do not want to do it. But Amy Liptrot took it to a whole new level with this book. All of it is profoundly deep and profoundly human.

Liptrot has lived her life on the edge, she has struggled with herself and with her future and among all that relief, pain, depression and self-doubt she found herself in elements that made her. She found the way to deal with all that was bubbling inside her with her memories surrounded by wilderness, which is such a strong feeling. Having that strong wind blowing around you, feeling the deepest power of nature, not in an astral sort of way, but in the raw physical one. Part of me is proud of this woman I’ve never met and only heard about a few weeks ago. But the bigger part of me is jealous beyond reason knowing her possibilities will never be mine. It takes a great writer to create something as strong as this book but also a strong person and undoubtedly that is who Amy Liptrot is.

A book that makes you go onto the path of your own memory lane is always worth reading. Her story is important, not just to Amy Liptrot, but to anyone who struggles to see, that It’s not only okay to fail but its also important to move on, even if you have to go back.

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