THE OUTRUN by Amy Liptrot

A brilliant and raw book about failure, love, nature, and power we all have, often without even realizing it.
Many books often touch us on a personal note in a way, that we are not ready to face, making even such a brilliant work hard to read. That was a case for me with this particular book and that is the topic of our first competition.

To win a copy, comment below which book brought such raw emotion for you. You can use the comment section or the contact form.

You can also follow me on Instagram @elkyreads. This is not mandatory, but I’ll be happy to see you there.



To show you that I appreciate your support I’ve decided to put a little competition, or giveaway if you will.

Every month I’ll pick something lovely and fancy – be it a book, music, film, or something Czech that will currently be relevant to the content of this website. And every month you can get this little fancy thing for yourself.


The competition is open to people residing in the countries in EU, includes UK and Switzerland.

The reason is postage. This is a starting project and as such, I cannot afford to ship your prize outside EU, where the postage is quite high.

The moment this changes, the competitions will be opened worldwide.


Ideally, the competitions are announced at the beginning of each month and closed on the 25th. The winner will be contacted on an e-mail that was given and the prize will be shipped within the next 7 days.


Posted by:E L K Y

E L K Y is a passions for books, a passion for art and passion for all the wonders one can find. This little world is my form of escapism but also a joy and I welcome you to it.

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