Dear readers,

lately, this page has been amazingly inactive. There are various reasons behind it, mostly from life’s inability to give me a moment of peace. Which slowly led to me rediscovering my interests and getting more and more attached to them.

As I am preparing for exams to switch universities and my field of study, I decided to start this little corner on my site – Korean Footsteps. The reason is simple – while studying interactive media study in a different part of the republic, I went through many struggles but decided to write a seminary work on the topic of Korean cinema. During this time I lost a job and my health became rather weak, which lead to the idea of joining a different university in Prague – the Korean studies.

To get to this university I need to thoroughly study Korean history, culture, and religion. So, while I do that, why not take you on the journey with me. This corner will be just that and little more. Since I love the modern day culture just as much as I am fascinated with the classical history of Korea and as you know, I am a devoted art fan, let’s add a bit to this corner with modern culture as well.

I hope you stay around for this new adventures and as always, thank you for reading.


Posted by:E L K Y

E L K Y is a passions for books, a passion for art and passion for all the wonders one can find. This little world is my form of escapism but also a joy and I welcome you to it.

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