There is amazing literature everywhere around the world and hand on your heart, how many writers or classics do you know from countries that is not your own or the typical ones, such as Great Britain, France, United States or Spain.

That is why I decided to form this little book club, using the Goodreads platform, but also this website in which we will read boos from a new country every month, using the random generator. Later you can look forward possibilities to win books and other lovely things every reader needs.


The first country the generator picked up is SINGAPORE a Southeast Asian country with a modern history dating to the 19th century when modern Singapore was founded and later fought for its independence from the British empire. This country has a rich culture, history, traditions and like any country its ups and downs. All of which can always be traced in literature.


You can choose to read one of the four books or all of them. We can discuss it on Goodreads as well as here. The picks for this months are the following books:

A second book from Singaporean writer Kristin Chen that will take you on a wild journey through politics, survival, adventure but also the turbulent lives of people in a controlling government, not unlike regimes we seen in Europe as well as in Asia (for example former Czechoslovakia). In so many countries and memories of people from countries knowing such circumstances, this story might be even more relevant.

“Haven’t you learned by now that he’s as powerless as the rest of us? We’re at the Party’s mercy. If only we’d accepted that from the start.” ― Kirstin Chen, Bury What We Cannot Take

― Kirstin Chen, Bury What We Cannot Take

This debut novel from Singaporean writer bases in the United Kingdom, Sharlene Teo, will take you on an emotional journey with 16-years old Szu, who lives in a shadow of her mother, once a successful and beautiful actress and her new friend Circe, wild and privileged character. Throughout the story and time, you will get to meet them, their lives and changes that inevitably awaits them.

“She became invincibly beautiful: the clarity of her cheeks, her little ankles, and the lucid poetry others projected onto her blank expression.”

― Sharlene Teo, Ponti

Kappa Quartet is a novel from Singaporean writer and stage director, Daryl Qilin Yam, unlike the previous books, this one will take you on a journey of mystery and fantasy when you meet the famous Japanese folklore legends, alongside with the main character. This book will guide you between Singapore and Japan, connecting characters, their stories, emotions and cultures.

Writer and teacher Suchen Christine Lim was born in Malaysia, right on the border between Malaysia and Singapore. Her books are a journey of emotional turmoil, growth and recognition. Which is exactly the type of journey you can take in the book The River’s Song in which you will encounter identity, love and loss all set during the rise of Singapore.


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E L K Y is a passions for books, a passion for art and passion for all the wonders one can find. This little world is my form of escapism but also a joy and I welcome you to it.


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