Moving onto the next adventure after January I decided to make this into two months, since we all have all sort of jobs and thing happening, and the time for reading can sadly be limiting.


For these two month let’s looks at the unique, thrilling, gripping and unapologetic literature from Mexican writers. Literature in this part of the world can date centuries back, and even further if you consider herbal literature Aztecs used to publish. Today, its is very diverse literature world that rightly deserves its recognition. Being a country of many struggle, it is also a country of many stories to be told, from crossing the border, life in many parts of Mexico to the vast and colourful culture and art Mexicans create.


You can choose to read one of the four books or all of them. We can discuss it on Goodreads as well as here. The picks for this months are the following books:


Originally Peruvian writer Mario Bellatin writes and lives in Mexico City for most of his life. The book I would love to introduce to you has an interesting dynamics between the unpublished work of Austrian writer Joseph Roth and his own storytelling about transformation and mutation into someone else entirely. “Jacob the Mutant” is considered to be both fascinating and strange books, as well as hilarious as gripping.


Jennifer Clement is a Mexican writer who doesn’t fear or shy away from dangerous topics, raising awareness of the danger cartels posses. “Prays for the Stolen” is a book that follows her passion for this. The book is one of love, survival, heroine but also survival and solidarity. Through this book you will learn of what it means living in parts of country, where cartels rules and how difficult it can be to survive in these parts, whether you are a girl or a whole family. Its a gripping story of worlds apart for which it is important to be told. Apart from being a writer Jennifer Clement is also a president of Association of Mexican writers, PEN Mexico.


Perhaps even more than ever before is there the importance of the topic of crossing the the border to the United States and finding safer and perhaps even better life, or simply finding the family already there. Mexican writer and teacher Yuri Herrera published this book in 2009 and “Signs Preceding the End of the World” quickly became a popular work, considered as one of the most important and thrilling novel written in the Spanish language in the past decade, and the novel is still popular in the new decade. Story takes you on a journey to the US border with two messages, one from family and one from dangerous Mexican underground.


Last book for this cathegory is the “Season of Ash” from mexiacn writer Jorge Volpi. This book caught my attention right away as it looks at some of the most shocking and important events from the 20th century while capturing you among its thriller lover story. You will look back in time when Chernobyl exploded, Berlin Wall fallen as did the Communist regime among many countries within Eastern Europe, giving people there breath of fresh air. Accompanying you through this story are three female characters, soviet biologist Irina, Hungarian computer scientist Eva and american economics Jennifer. Enjoy this thrilling, dark detective and love story.


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E L K Y is a passions for books, a passion for art and passion for all the wonders one can find. This little world is my form of escapism but also a joy and I welcome you to it.

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