Agust D aka SUGA aka Min Yoongi. BTS mixtapes are an amazing way for the complete musical freedom and individuality for BTS members and Agust D could not be more of a perfect example of that. The mixtape dropped earlier today after week of cryptic messages and wild guessing from the fans, which eventually turned into a online cult of fellow following and befriending in Twitter Armies (fandom name) community proving how much power Suga has over the fandom.

If you know a bit of BTS music you will know immediately after listening that Agust D showed all of himself on the new mixtape from the main single and emotional and heart wrecking Interlude: Set Me Free.

Play it Loud – DAECHWITA

The main single has korean name “대취타” which translates into a type of battleship worshipping the king. And in the MV you can clearly see the king high above its people as one fraction and rebellion as the second. Showing Agust D rising highest he possibly could only to rise again, stronger, wiser and better.

Emotional, raw and true

What I really admire about Suga is the way he writes his lyrics. While all of the BTS members are amazing lyricist Suga writes with a raw and unapologetic power that digs right into your conscious, if you have any. And throughout the album that could not be more true. As the tracks progress you can hear sampling of some of the words from the first mixtape, following up on the emotional journey Suga had over the last 4 years in which BTS rose even higher than anyone could ever imagine.

Emotions are much more present on this second mixtape, which comes four years after the first mixtape AD1. From social issues to insecurities and your own emotions, since Suga said himself he leaves a lot up to listeners to decide (read more in the Time interview).

Apart from Suga you can also enjoy number of featuring, including BTS RM on the song Strange in which they literally are giving us taste of what this power duo can do. Other featurings are korean singers NiiHWA or Kim Jong Wan of the legendary korean group NELL.

The only international featuring is MAX on song Burn It which shows beautiful transition between Agust Ds raspy rap and MAX with his soulful voice on top of the track that deals a lot with prospect of burning out from being overwhelmed while nothing else you can do it to burn those feeling to ashes and moving on.

Finally happy now? Set me Free.

The one song I really want to talk about is the Interlude: Set Me Free. Being an idol is something that comes with great deal of stress, especially from the Korean media and public and on top of that, being part of what could be classified as “phenomenon” adds to that. Knowing this and hearing many takes on insecurities through Agust Ds lyrics and interviews, this particular song hits very hard and many listeners will be able to relate to the song through their own experiences, emotions, insecurities, anxieties and more emotions that can accompany us. In the song Suga says “내 마음대로 안될 걸 다 알면서, 음” “Since I know all that I cannot do, ehm – Set me Free” and continues “Knowing that this is not my heart – Set me Free”. 그게 내 맘이 아니란 걸 알면서.

The song very heavily reminds me of the mood “Eight” by IU feat. and produced by Suga sets as the song starts with words “난 자유롭게 허공에 떠있네” where Suga is free, fleeting in the air, asking “you” how you feel. Both songs have similar feeling of loss, pain but also rising above and becoming free, finally happy.

Listen to Agust D new mixtape

This mixtape truly has it all. It has raw hard rap Suga is known for but it also show his gentle side full of different set of emotions, which makes it a very diverse album.

This is completely unrelated but as I kept listening late Alan Rickman quote kept popping to my mind. Alan Rickman would often be questioned about who he is – to which he always gave the same answer: “It’s all in my work” and listening to AD2, it feels like Min Yoongi gave the same answer through his music.


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